Survival Multiplayer

Embark on an extraordinary adventure in our SMP, where magic, custom terrain, dungeons, boss fights, and endless possibilities await! Immerse yourself in a world filled with mystic wonders and hidden secrets. Brave treacherous dungeons, defeat mighty bosses, and wield powerful custom weapons and items as you take on thrilling quests. With a welcoming community of adventurers, builders, and explorers, our server offers a place where creativity knows no bounds. Join now and experience the enchanting blend of survival, magic, and epic quests in this one-of-a-kind SMP world.

City RP

Welcome to our City RP game, where blocky streets and high-octane action collide! Immerse yourself in the sprawling cityscape, complete with skyscrapers, bustling streets, and thrilling missions. Become a criminal mastermind and experience the chaos and excitement of GTA in the world of Minecraft. From heists to shootouts, our server delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience for all players.

Hunger Games

Prepare for the ultimate battle of survival on our Hunger Games server! Step into the arena, scavenge for weapons, and outwit your opponents to be the last one standing. Engage in thrilling PvP combat, navigate treacherous terrains, and unleash your inner warrior in this action-packed adventure. With fast-paced gameplay and ever-changing landscapes, our Hunger Games server offers an adrenaline rush like no other.


Welcome to our Skyblock game, where you'll embark on a floating island adventure like no other! Test your survival skills as you start with just a single block and transform it into a thriving island paradise. Gather resources, build farms, and create an incredible sky-high kingdom with your friends. Explore challenges, complete quests, and unlock new possibilities in this unique and rewarding gameplay experience.

Cops & Cuplrits

Welcome to our Cops & Culprits game, where blocky battlegrounds meet intense FPS action! Immerse yourself in the world of Counter-Strike like never before, with meticulously crafted maps and engaging gameplay. Team up, strategize, and take down your opponents with precision shooting and tactical skills. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, our game promises heart-pounding excitement for all.

Spartan Wars

Gear up, Spartan! Welcome to our Spartan Wars game where the iconic Halo universe meets the limitless creativity of Minecraft. Immerse yourself in epic battles, forge alliances, and explore faithfully recreated Halo maps.

Murder Mystery

Step into the shadows and unravel the mysteries on our Murder Mystery game! Be a detective, a suspect, or the elusive murderer. Engage in thrilling investigations, hunt for clues, and keep your wits sharp. With unpredictable gameplay and suspense at every turn, our server offers an addictive murder mystery experience.

Block Hunt

Join our BlockHunt game! Immerse yourself in a world of hide-and-seek like never before. Play as a block and blend into your surroundings or become a hunter and seek out the cleverly hidden players.

Party Games

Join our Party Games server for endless fun! Race, shoot, run, and compete in thrilling mini-games.
Perfect for parties and friendly gatherings.