Please note that breaking the rules could result in a ban. For ban appeals, click here.

  1. No Griefing: Players must not intentionally destroy or alter another player's claimed structures or belongings without permission.
  2. No Cheating or Hacking: Players must not use mods, hacks, or cheats that provide an unfair advantage over other players.
  3. Respect Other Players: Treat all players with respect and refrain from using offensive language, bullying, or harassing others.
  4. No Spamming: Avoid excessive and repetitive messages or commands in chat.
  5. No Advertising: Players should not promote or advertise other servers, websites, or products without permission from the server administrators.
  6. No Exploiting Bugs: Do not take advantage of any glitches or bugs in the game that provide an unfair advantage. Report any bugs to the server administrators instead.
  7. Build Responsibly: Construct structures that are aesthetically pleasing and fit within the server's theme or guidelines. Avoid building excessively large or lag-inducing structures.
  8. PvP Rules: If PvP (Player vs. Player) is allowed, establish rules for fair combat, such as no spawn camping or excessive killing of players who do not wish to participate.
  9. Respect Spawn Areas: Do not build or alter structures near the spawn point unless specifically allowed. This area should remain accessible and free from excessive clutter.
  10. Follow Staff Instructions: Respect and follow the instructions of server staff members. They are responsible for enforcing the rules and maintaining order.